What to do or give up during Lent:

1. Don't buy anything that you don't NEED

If you can live without it, you don't need it. Give it up for Lent. Put the money that you would have spent into a jar.  You will be surprised at how quickly you have built up your savings.  Be sure to look at how much you saved after the 40 days of lent and put some into savings and some into the church offering or special ministry that helps people.

2. Throw away 40 things for 40 days

Every day, you walk around your house and collect 40 things to donate or throw away...every day, until Lent ends. (Try donating, because you are helping others).

3.  40 Days of home Organization

You can do some extra cleaning or declutter during Lent.  You can do 40 tasks or free up the things that hold you back...material things.  Be sure to GIVE every item to others through donation.

4. No Gossiping

Give up gossiping for Lent.  That mean you cannot do any gossiping. None! If someone says something negative about another person, either say something nice or don't say 
anything at all.  You would think this is going to be SO easy, but when you can't say anything negative about anyone else, you realize how often it happens.  #4 sort of goes along with #10 which you will see in a minute.

5.  No eating after dinner

This one might be difficult.  It helps set lent apart from the other seasons in the church year by providing a glimpse into how Jesus struggled when he was hungry.

6.  Give up Soda or another sugary beverage or one high in caffeine for Lent

This one is easy & not really out-of-the-box, but for some it can be a struggle.

7.  Say 3 nice things to your spouse & kids daily

You may think this is easy, but try to say things that aren't the normal "Thanks" or "you look nice" or "Good job".  Try to do 3 out-of-the-box things during Lent this year. "I love how ou always help the kids" or "I love how you work hard on yourhomework, even when it is tough tonight", "You are a hard worker".  Remember...your words become their inner voice.

8.  Don't eat out for 40 days

You may want to make easy meals and donate the money  you save by not eating out to a charity or special ministry at the church.

9.  Watch 60 minutes less of tv each day.  Use 60 extra minutes for devotion or prayer time

Read a devotional or bible story either on your own or with family and friends, have a discussion about it

10.  Do not complain

We often complain about things, but we need to try to have a positive outlook on things.  We don't realize how much we complain until we give it up..
 "Do everything without arguing or complaining" ~  Philippians 2:14 NIV